Always Wear a Rubber


This tied up titty twister hurt like hell! I had my tits wrapped up in a double knotted blue rubber band. First I took a warm bath, which always helps induce my let-down. The more relaxed I am from the warm water, the more milk I can hand express. Wearing my drop-cup nursing bra, I pop out both titties at once and start to tie them up and squeeze. With the elastic band squishing them together and causing them to squirt gushes and long streams of tasty sweet breast milk.

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Full Breasts Leaking In Red Nylon

Wearing my new red nylon body suit with matching thigh highs, and I haven’t nursed in over twelve hours. I start hand expressing a sweet stream of breastmilk which squirts straight through the nylon. Then I squeeze harder and squirt more and more through my outfit…soaking it until it’s completely see through. I stop to snap the wet nylon against my large lactating nipples, as a little more dribbles out…

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Nipple Clamps Leaky Nipples

Nipple clamps make my tits ache. But I wonder if I can  withstand the pain and make some milk squirt out? Or will the clamps cut off my milk supply? I’ll try tugging on the chain with my teeth, give it a tug–see what happens. Then I hand express a full, wide, long stream of breast cream.

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Half and Half

I’m pumping and hand expressing at the same time! Feeling full, but I can’t decide which relief I want more-the sweet suction of my hand pump or maybe the release from squeezing and exercising my milk ducts with my own hand. So I do both! One hand pumping, one expressing a milky Marie dream.

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Trick or Tit

I’m a trick this Halloween. Dressed in my sexy butterfly costume, complete with wings and a sparkly mask. After teasing you in my thigh highs and heels, I hand express my breastmilk into the air and all over my costume, making a mess. I get so turned on self sucking my own milk until it drools from my mouth and drips down my lip. Milk is everywhere.

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I Want You To Put Your Cock Between My Tits

Hey guys here’s a lost video I shot way back when I first got in the business, hope you enjoy.  I so want you to put your cock between my huge milk jugs, so I can stroke your cock as I bounce them up and down your shaft, then pull away before you cum, and shoot my load of milk in your face.  Site still while I give myself a milk shower before showering you down again.  After playing with my hair pussy I turn around to let you finger bang me.

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Self Sucking & Drinking My Milk In The Hot Tub

I love the taste of my own milk. Nobody knows how to suck me dry better than myself!! I slowly tease my nipples with my tongue making them erect. Then I splash in the hot tub, the warm water relaxes and excites me. It encourages a heavy let down. I suck, squirt, drip, and drool milk out of my mouth and down my huge motherly tits.

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